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Make Every Stroke Count

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Online Training Solutions and Injury Prevention for Triathletes


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Make Every Revolution Count

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Online Training Solutions and Injury Prevention for Triathletes


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Make Every Step Count

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Online Training Solutions and Injury Prevention for Triathletes


Training Calculators

Power Through Data

Training calculators include: heart rate zones for swimming, T-time for swimming, heart rate zones for biking, heart rate zones for biking, and power zones for biking. The data can be used to help you develop a solid training plan. Our team is working to provide next step resources. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with further developments.

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I limped into the clinic for my first appointment praying that PT would at least enable me to walk a few miles. I was sure that my running days were over. Little did I know that months later, by following the objective-driven treatment plan put in place by Steve, I would be improving my skill as a runner and achieving goals I would have thought impossible at the start of my therapy. Read more

- Debra R.

testimonial_quoteBefore: had no idea how to safely train with my bad knees & chronic joint pain/issues but wanted to get better at short distance triathlons & consider longer distance if the knees held up. Prior to Feb/March, I had never run more than 2-3miles without walking part of it – EVER! Read more

- Marsha O.

testimonial_quoteIn the first challenge, I went from being on pace for a 43 minute 5K to a sub-34 minute 5K, then continued to run and completed my HM in May in under 3 hours (huge considering my lack doing anything athletic for years after hurting my back). And while it took a lot of time to train, it also fueled my energy levels and creativity while finishing my first book in June. Read more

- James W.

testimonial_quoteI went from JUST being given permission to start working out again (given the okay right at the start of our 13 week challenge to get back on the elliptical after an injury and being on crutches/boot for four months) – to almost dying (figuratively) trying to run for a minute straight – to being able to run a solid 20 mins – to running a full 10K with no walking breaks! (1:06:55) Read more

- Faith L.

testimonial_quoteI went from not being able to run for more than 5 minutes to running 30 minutes straight. Then I learned I LOVE cold weather running and running hills. I never ran more than a 5K and the day I finished our first 5-miler I truly felt like a runner. I ran a 5K and finished in 33:04. Read more

- Megan B.

testimonial_quoteI went from barely able to finish a 5k without stopping to my fastest 5k time ever, doing my first 10k (not needed a walk break there either) and doing something that I never thought possible in not only finishing my first half, but doing it in a lot less time then I ever thought I could. Read more

- Michael K.

testimonial_quoteAfter not running for nearly 5 years and having massive pelvic surgery in March, I felt like I had a new lease on life. I needed something… ANYTHING… to give me that extra umph. Then one of the facebook pages I follow posted about this awesome 13 in 13 training program. I thought, a HM in 13 weeks? Read more

- Misty K.



Beta Phase

MyTri is an innovative and responsive online training program that takes the guess work out of training. Injury prevention (developed by a doctor of physical physical therapy) and maximized efficiency (developed by aforementioned time-management freak) serve as foundational principles for which the rest of the program has been built. This program is dynamic not static. Your future train sessions morph based upon inputted data to help you maximize your results.

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